Why Winmate

Why Winmate?

Winmate Inc. has been the global leader in developing advanced rugged, mobile technologies for more than 18 years. These technologies are suited for industrial usage in industries operating in some of the most challenging environments in Africa such as warehousing and logistics, oil and gas, supply chain management, field service, transportation, retail and healthcare.

We are more than simply a retailer of tough devices. We specialise in end-to-end service: from research and development, manufacturing and in-house testing right through to customising your preferred devices. We pride ourselves on operational excellence and innovative technology, providing you the most robust, modern and safe mobile technologies available globally. We have recently established our African footprint and are now able to service some of the most demanding industries on the continent.

With a service hub in Johannesburg, South Africa, Winmate is able to offer responsive, reliable and swift customer support on all of our products, in all regions. At Winmate, six core capabilities enable us to deliver superior products and service to our customers:

Our History

Founded in 1996, Winmate Communication Inc. has quickly become a trusted global leader in the rugged mobile technology market. For almost two decades, we have been serving industries ranging from transportation and logistics, supply chain, field service, warehouse, retail, agriculture and mining. In Winmate's 18-year history we've remained focused on flexibility and constant evolution to ensure we remain one step ahead – anticipating enterprise demands and developing the latest in rugged mobile solutions.

We specialise in research and development, engineering, and manufacturing to provide custom and enterprise-ready solutions. We are headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, where we also maintain an R&D facility, testing laboratory and two production lines. Winmate also has offices in Irvine, Atlanta, Toronto, and China to service customers across the globe. Our African footprint has been established by opening the South African service hub, based in Johannesburg, allowing us to meet our growing customer demand across the continent.