Handhelds & Rugged Smartphones

Rugged Handheld PDA's

Whether tracking assets, scanning RFID tags or barcodes, managing the supply chain, communicating with customers and colleagues or mapping infrastructure, Winmate’s handheld smartphones offer fast, seamless performance in a lightweight, portable and ultra-rugged bodies, ready for the toughest environments.

Winmate’s E500 is a rugged industrial PDA with integrated data capture options such as NFC, 1D/2D barcode reader, fingerprint scanner and smart card reader it is designed for data collection on the field.

Winmate's E430 is an enterprise-class PDA. Packed with 1D/2D barcode reader and NFC bringing a new level of flexibility and functionality, providing field workers a powerful solution to streamline business processes.

Winmate S430 PDA is designed to meet harsh environments. Rugged design, 1D/2D barcode reader and RFID, 3G make S430 suitable for real-time communications in harsh conditions locations.

This compact rugged PDA weights only 280g allowing users to easily carry it inside and outside the office. The C350 provides wide range of wireless communications to facilitate connection.